Professional Interpretation Service

A professional Interpreter will help facilitate communication between two parties who speak different languages. A professional Interpreter is impartial and promotes effective communication by bridging the language barrier without acting as an advocate for the parties.

As an interpreter in the language combinations of English>Spanish and Spanish>English, I perform the following interpreting styles…

Simultaneous interpreting

This is carried out while the speaker talks. The interpreter translates the message simultaneously and the listener is able to hear using a pair of headsets (when necessary). This modality sometimes requires a simple installation of the appropriate sound equipment, based on the customer’s requirements.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker talks for a period of time and meanwhile the interpreter takes notes and interprets after the speaker is done speaking. It does not require any technical equipment but this type requires more time for each intervention.

Allow Me To Contribute To The Success Of Your Business!

I have extensive experience interpreting in the legal environment, medical, commercial, business, economic or financial, social and university/academic fields.

I can coordinate with other colleagues and also cover your technical needs. I can also organize an event for you. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) and I am available to travel.

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